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The Three Amigos

This oil painting of  Sammy, Belle, and Cooper is finished but unvarnished at the time of the photo.  It was a commissioned painting for Jeff and Brenda Mckay.  The size was approximately 12 x 20 done on hardboard.  The final composition was created from a collection of photos that Jeff provided.  The challenge was to combine the separate images from photos taken from different angles and lighting.  It’s amazing to see how different dogs look under different lighting situations.  Matching colors and shadows is also a huge challenge when the lighting is different.  Since I’ve never actually seen the dogs, I’m still not sure how accurate the colors may be, but it was a super fun project.  I actually painted Sammy (the dog on the left) by himself for practice before I did the final.

Thanks so much to Jeff and Brenda for their support!

For Sale

Sold - Commission




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