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Taking My Girl Out for a Cold Drink

"Taking My Girl Out for a Cold Drink" 11x14"

Oil on Canvas Panel

An old friend and classmate of mine, Clarence Speer, sent me a few wildlife pictures he had taken. He is an amazing photographer as you can see. I did change the background to add the river for interest, but the deer were as you see them - in a snowy field. The frame came from some very old barn wood that was also given to me by a friend, Jonie Gisler, who owns "Ranch Revived" in Groveland,  CA. Originally, the wood was shaped like a hand with a finger pointing. I tried for the longest time to do something with that shape, but couldn't come up with anything. I needed another frame, so it became one of the most unique frames I've every made. And I've made a LOT of them!

So thanks to my friends... This one's for you!

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