Knights Ferry Sunset

The inspiration for this painting was some photos we took of a pasture off Highway 120 just before it intersects with Highway 108 east of Knights Ferry.  I also did a sunrise painting  of a nearby pasture which I named “Knights Ferry Sunrise”.  It seemed appropriate to name them similarily since they have similar themes and depict nearby locations.  The final composition of this painting added the lake and ducks in front for interest.  I painted the top portion of the painting – down to what is now the shoreline, took a picture of that, flipped it upside down on photoshop and created a reference photo to help me paint the lake.  Really a fun project.    This is a 13.5″x14″ oil on hardboard.  I made the unique frame from some small trees that we removed from our yard in Pine Mountain Lake – my first attempt at live edge woodwork.  It seems to fit the scene pretty well, so I’m happy with it.

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