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Heres Looking at You

This 8×10 oil painting is for sale for $125 (plus $25 for either a weathered barnwood frame or the solid, smooth, black 1″ frame that it is currently mounted in.  Photos available if interested) – shipping included, satisfaction guaranteed.

“A horses’s eye offers one a window to his soul”  unknown author

“Two feet move your body, four feet move your soul.”  unknown author

The reference photo of this horse was taken near Yosemite Junction by the intersection of Highway 120 and 108 in October 2018.  There were three horses in the pasture and this one was nice enough, or hungry enough, to come over to the fence for a bite of “greener” grass that I was offering to him.  He was a beautiful paint, but I was particularily drawn to the kind look in his eye as we talked.

For Sale





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