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Half dome from the Awanee

This is an 11×14 oil painting done on hardboard with three coats of gesso and finished with three coats of Gamvar varnish.  It was a gift to close friends on Christmas 2018, so it is not for sale.  It would be easy to make and frame a print for you if desired.  I would recommend a print no larger 12×16 to retain the quality of the resolution, but the size is up to you.  The painting as an 11×14 would run $65 plus $35 for either the black or barnwood frame.

I took the reference photo for this painting while my wife Karen and I were staying at the Awanee (now the Majestic Yosemite Hotel).  We had a balcony on the third floor.  This image reflects the setting sun on the face of half dome which is breathtaking at almost any time of day!

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