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Going Out for Some Fast Food

"Going Out for Some Fast Food" 16"x20"

Oil on hard board     Painted June 2021

The composition for this painting was made from several photos I've taken over the years. The bear was from a day trip to Yosemite during the Covid outbreak. The number of visitors to the park was limited by reservations so the bears were easier to find. Initially, I saw this Momma bear climbing high in a tree with her two cubs, eating some leaves for breakfast. It was amazing to see this large bear very high up in the tree on some very small limbs. Eventually, they came down and they ambeled away, but not until I had taken about 100 photos. I decided to give her a more dramatic background and some salmon for lunch. The waterfall and river came from a variety of other Yosemite photos I've taken over the years.

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For Sale




© 2021 by Sam Cook.

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