Down North Kaibab Trail

“Down North Kaibab Trail” 13″x 15″ Oil painting.  Completed in November 2019. Varnished with Damar Professional Paint varnish.   This painting is for sale for $220, including shipping and a custom frame.  Detailed pictures available if you are interested.

Provenance:  My wife Karen and I visited the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in June 2019.   We were amazed to find beautiful green mountains and thick foilage throughout Canyon along with absolutely perfect weather.  One day of our trip was devoted to a mule ride about half way down the Canyon and back on North KaibabTrail – on Rufus and Vivian, our two mules.  This painting was completed from photos I took during that ride.  This painting shows Karen riding Vivian next to one of two gigantic rock towers we passed.  I was just behind, riding Rufus.  If we were nervous at all at the start, the mules quickly removed all concern as it became immediately clear that they had done this hundreds of times before and knew exactly what they were doing – in spite of their riders!  The rock tower behind Karen is one of two in that area that are really beautiful.  I’m sure they have a name but regrettably, I don’t know it.   I did my best to capture the grandeur and beauty of that scene, but I guess you just have to be there to appreciate it fully!  In any case, I highly recommend a mule ride on any of 4-5 trails on the North Rim.  We stayed at the Grand Canyon Lodge-North Rim, and the Lodge set up the ride for us.  Don’t miss it!

For Sale