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Cool Clear Water

“Cool, Clear Water”  Oil painting by Sam Cook June 2019 (current image is unfinished/unsigned/unvarnished – new finished image will be up soon)

This painting was inspired by “Angler in a Forest Interior” by Thomas Hill, completed in 1874.  Thomas Hill was a Master – Hudson River School painter.  He died on June 30, 1908 in Raymond, California, just south of Yosemite.  In his later years (1880-1890s), he lived and worked much of each year in his studio in Wawona – Yosemite National Park.

I loved the contrast of the Fall foilage and the dark frame of those magistic oaks focusing our attention to wonder about the subject of the work.  I replaced Hill’s Angler (fisherman) with a cowboy on horseback to make it more of my own.  Having spent quite a bit of time in Yosemite, including some hiking, horseback riding and golf at Wawona, this scene brought back great memories.  If you get a chance, Wawona (now Big Trees Lodge) has stables and guided 2 hour and half day tours to  Beautiful High Country.

I call my painting “Cool, Clear Water”  after the song by the Sons of the Pioneers.  Hope you like it!

This painting was sold to “Ranch Revived” in Groveland, CA, but is currently available.   Thanks so much for your interest.

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© 2021 by Sam Cook.

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