Buck on the Hill

This painting (~11×14) was done in the 1990’s I believe.  I don’t recall where I got the reference material.  I do believe that it is a composite.  The original is still hanging in our home.

I can create a canvas or linen print for sale. I would recommend 8×10 $45) or 11×14 ($65) for highest quality, to include a varnished finish. I will touchup these reproductions with new oil paint to ensure a quality product, prior to applying the varnish finish. You will have a unique painting, but difficult to distinguish from the original oil. Add a 1″ smooth black frame or a weathered barnwood frame for $25 or $35 respectively. Photo of the print, in a frame if desired, will be provided prior to purchase. Shipping in the USA is included. Satisfaction guaranteed. Returns paid by buyer.

For Sale

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