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“Dancing With the Wind” 24”x16”

“Dancing With the Wind” 24”x16” Oil on hardboard panel. Artist framed in solid walnut. June 2023

We have a small place near Yosemite, so we visit the Park as often as we can. It’s always beautiful, even during or after a rain storm. One of our favorite places in the park is Bridalveil Falls, or Pohono as the Miwok Indians called it. The water flows year-round over Bridalveil while it’s larger sibling, Yosemite Falls, often dries up in the Fall. The trail to the base of the falls can be treacherous during a rain and you will often need rain gear to protect from the spray that can cover the higher overlook. I took the reference photos for this painting from the foot bridge near the parking lot on the trail toward El Capitan just after a brief shower. There is often a strong breeze which blows across the falls and causes the falling water to sway back and forth as if dancing across the sheer rock face of the cliff. That’s how I came up with the name “Dancing With the Wind” for this painting.

For Sale

For Sale


24" x 16"


© 2021 by Sam Cook.

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