Please click on an image to see the full size version with some provenance on the painting.

“Mt Cook”      24″ x 36″

“Somewhere in the Sierras”    8″ x 9.5″

Breakfast in the Park 8″ x 10″

Breakfast in the Park - Painting

Couple On Sunset Beach 11″x14″

Painting of a Couple on Canon Beach, OR at Sunset

ICU2 (I See You Too!) or “A Window to His Soul” 5″ x 7″

FALL at Yosemite Falls 16″ x 20″ (For Sale)

Yosemite Falls beyond Cooks Meadow Painting

Running Free 4″ x 6″ (For Sale)

Calf Nap 5″ x 7″

Calf Nap Painting 5x7

“Falls in the Forest”  18″x14″ (For Sale)

“The Three Amigos” 12×20 (Commission)

The Three Amigos - Sammy Belle and Coooper

“Knights Ferry Sunset”  13.5″ X 14″ (For Sale)

“Knights Ferry Sunrise” 13.5″ X 14″ (For Sale)

“5 Shades of Blue”  8×11 (For Sale)

5 Shades of Blue

“Carmel Surf” 9×12 (For Sale)

Carmel Surf Paintng 9x12

“Moorea Sunset”  8×10 (For Sale)

Packing the Tetons 11×18 For Sale

Down North Kaibab Trail 13″x15″ For Sale

Down North Kaibab Trail

Sonoran Sunset 14×18 (For Sale)

Sonoran Sunset

Fishing with Mom 12 x 16 (Sold)

Fall at Half Dome from Sentinel Bridge 16 x 20 (For Sale)

New Jersey Meadow 16 x 20 (For Sale)

Cool, Clear Water 10×14 (Available at Ranch Revived in Groveland, CA)

Howdy Partner 8×10 (Available at “Ranch Revived” in Groveland, CA)

Giessbach Falls Switzerland 9×12 (for sale)

Atmospheric River 8×14 (for sale)

Rounding up Strays 20×24

Bank Robbery 16×24

Half Dome in Winter 12×16 (Print for Sale)

Here’s Looking at You 8X10 (For Sale)

Elk in Winter16x20 (Print for Sale)

Smoke Break 8×10 (For Sale)

Rollin a Smoke 8×10 (For Sale)

Forest Path 16×20 (Sold)

Sunset Waterfall 8×10 (For Sale)

Girls Dance on La Jolla Beach 12×16 (Sold)

Roundin’ Up Strays (8×14 Print for Sale)

Deer with Ducks 11×14 (Print for Sale)

Buck on the Hill

Monterey Seascape 12×24 (For Sale)

Yosemite reflections 12×24 (Original Sold)

Half Dome in the Fall

Half dome from the Awanee 12×16 (Print for sale)

Yosemite Falls – Marmot 12×16

Tiger 20×24 (Print for Sale)

Falls on Roadside Yosemite 12×16

Moorea Sunset 8×10 (for sale)

Yosemite Valley 8×10 (Sold)

Yosemite Snow 11×14 (Print for Sale)

View from Cabin 8×10

Willow 8×10

Tucker 8×10

Yosemite Meadow Sunset 8×10 (Sold)

El Cap over the Merced River (For Sale)

Cathedral Rock 7×13

El Cap 7.5 x 13

Soulsbyville Landscape 12×16 (for sale)

Geese over the Tetons 11×14 (Print for Sale)

Moonlit Beach 12×16 (Print for Sale)

Yosemite Falls from 4 Mile Trail 16×20 (For Sale)

Painting of Yosemite Falls from 4 Mile Trail

Scott with a Tulip in Germany 16×20

Mountain Lion 16×20 (Original Pen & Ink for Sale)

Chipmunk 16×20 (Original Pen and Ink for Sale)

The Bridge Houses in Bad Kreuznach Germany 16×20 (Original Pen & Ink for Sale)

Lion Lookout 11×14 (For Sale)

Trout on Line 8×10 (Print for Sale)

Geese in Flight 8×10

God Made Little Boys 12×14

Three Bighorn Sheep 16×20 (prints available)